Discher Millwork


Discher Architectural Millwork is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) to provide FSC 100% and FSC Mix wood/wood fiber products. Discher Millwork’s FSC Chain of Custody certification insures our customers that they will be getting a true certified wood/wood fiber product. Each supplier that touches the different raw materials involved in our product must have their FSC: Chain of Custody, or Forest Management certification. Without each supplier having these, the product is actually not FSC certified. The importance of each supplier having their Chain of Custody, or Forest Management certification is that it allows the different inputs of our product to be tracked from the early stages of the supply chain. Starting in the forest where the tree was harvested, through the mills and shops, directly to the end user.

FSC products available upon request. (Discher Millwork’s Chain of Custody Certificate code: SCS-COC-002669)