Proven performance for over 65 years! Discher Architectural Millwork (formerly Discher Bros.Contractors) was started in 1945 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Melvin and Gilbert Discher founded the company upon their return from service in World War II. The two brothers started out as general contractors in the Fox Valley area doing a variety of commercial and residential projects. At this time the cabinets were either built on site or in the brother’s garage and transported to the jobsite via their Cadillac bicycle or a borrowed rickshaw. Two years after Melvin and Gilbert started the company their brother, Harold, who had been helping out joined in ownership.

In the mid 1950s the company expanded their scope into more commercial general contracting/remodeling. During the 1950s and 1960s Discher Millwork employed carpenters, cabinetmakers, masons, cement finishers and laborers. The company moved to its first permanent facility in 1960. It was around this time that they started expanding upon general contracting and began supplying millwork and casework nationwide through millwork jobbers.

Throughout the 1970s the company increased their focus on the architectural millwork end of the business and less on general contracting. They continued to do the millwork jobs and also started direct sales to other general contractors. It was during this time that Melvin’s son, Bruce, started to get more involved in the company. By 1980, Harold had retired and Melvin and Gib were the sole owners. It was at this time that the company transitioned completely out of general contracting, exclusively to architectural millwork. During the 1980s the company began operating under their current model bidding directly to general contractors.

In 1984 Gib retired and Melvin’s son Bruce took half owner ship with Melvin. As the company continued to grow through the 1980s, Melvin and Bruce decided it was time to expand their capacity. In 1990 they built a brand new facility in Oshkosh with three expansions following in the 1990s. Expansions to the plant were completed in 1991 and 1997, and an expansion to the office was completed in 1996. The three expansions brought the facility to its current size as well as Bruce taking sole ownership and President.

Discher Millwork continues to have a strong family influence. Bruce’s nephew/Melvin’s grandson, Marc, is the companies plant manager, and Bruce’s son/ Melvin’s grandson, John, became a partner in 2012 and promoted to the companies Vice President.